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About Pepper's Corner
Pepper's Corner will be a small market located at 173 Lake Avenue.  The use authorized in the UR-3 Zoning District in the City of Saratoga Springs Zoning Code as "Convenience Sales," subject to the requirement to obtain a Special Use Permit through Site Plan Review.  Conceptual plans for the project are set forth below. Over the course of June and July, 2017, additional documents will be added to this website relative to the review processes before the City.  The project sponsor intends this to be an open process and encourages an open dialogue with the community.

The goal of the project sponsor is to improve upon the existing facilities by replacing them with modern facilities that have been designed to accommodate this type of market experience and eliminate outdoor operations, odors and parking issues. The project has been designed to meet all requirements of the Zoning Code and will not require any variances, except an area variance relative to off-street parking and a sign variance to allow two small signs, one for each purveyor. Both markets will be open markets, with vaulted ceilings and natural sunlight.  No outdoor operations will exist, except limited outdoor seating, and all exhaust will be treated to eliminate unwanted odors.

The project is being designed to harmonize with the community and will incorporate modern stormwater concepts, including permeable surfaces and other techniques to minimize storm water runoff. 

Please support Pepper's Corner at 173 Lake Avenue by visiting  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/38113271